I have always liked the idea of being a caretaker: a person who takes care. This is my school and I want to take care of it - and of the clever, sparky community of audio storytellers around the world.  

I have made podcasts and radio documentaries for the BBC and international broadcasters for a decade and I love the work in all its finicky, brain-melting agony. But it can be lonely. I create this stuff in slippers and isolation, mainlining cups of tea and gingernuts, and it often seems as if there are more opportunities for competition than for conversation and collaboration.


Strange & Charmed is an attempt to remedy that. I hope it will be a friendly space away from desks and deadlines, where new audio producers can overcome the terror of the 'record' button - and old audio producers can remember why they loved all this in the first place. I'm starting small - just a handful of courses - but I hope to grow, so please get in touch if you have ideas for a session. Please also join the mailing list for news about what happens next. 

Cathy FitzGerald